Essential oils

All essential oils contain 80-300 active components!

essential oil: liquid made from fragrant plant parts (flower, root, bark, seeds) by

  • vapour distillation
  • extraction with solvent
  • extrusion


  • Earliest known usage was in ancient Egypt, e.g. in mummification
  • Arabia, Persia – books
  • References in the Bible
  • China 2700 B.C. herb book
  • India: Vedas 600 B.C.
  • Disappeared almost entirely in the middle ages
  • In 1630, during the plague, they regain relevance as an important tool in healing
  • Gains recognition in the 20th century

Most well-known oils:

  • basil – relaxing
  • peppermint – antispasmodic, muscle relaxant
  • juniper – detoxifying, mitigates varicose veins
  • citruses – disinfecting, improves well-being
  • cypress – strengthens the veins, excellent for cellulite
  • pine – has a regenerating effect when massaged into muscles or joints, excellent for cleansing airways
  • cinnamon – improves blood supply, aphrodisiac
  • ginger – improves circulation, has a warming and fat-burning effect
  • lavender – relaxing
  • marjoram – loosening, relaxing
  • rosemary – relieves muscle strain and rheumatism; provides energy, excellent for cellulite
    contraindication: hypertension (high blood pressure)

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