So, what does self-knowledge mean to me?

Sometimes it’s just a word, I admit, a cliché, corny, worn-out word that’s been said a thousand times.

Sometimes it is the one-above-all, sometimes unreachable goal, but important nonetheless, because I know that getting to know ourselves is the most important knowledge of all.

And sometimes it makes me wonder, what if there was a self-knowledge class in school, with no grades, no exams, no textbooks or notes, because wherever we live, whatever we do, every day is an exam before ourselves.

Our every deed, and their consequence, if we get to understand it, is one more step in our own world.

Everyone says that we’re in a crisis, there are problems everywhere, everyone is blaming everyone else, we see the bad in each other, but we do not see the mirror, because all those faults that we see in others, we have in us too. Only another person can hold up that mirror, and that mirror is important, that image, that mirror image is very important!

One thought on “Self-knowledge”

  1. Szia.
    Erzsi vagyok a tantrán találkoztunk és adtad ide a névjegykártyádat.Nagyon jó a honlapod és nagyon tetszett amit az az önismeretről írtál és ahogy gondolkodsz róla mert szerintem is a legfontosabb tudás és tanulás az hogy önmagunkat megismerjük.
    További szép napot!!!

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