History: In ancient times, China and Egypt were exceptional centres of it. On an approx. 4000 year old Egyptian painting, we can see foot and hand treatment. Reflexology is a science as old as acupuncture and acupressure.

In the west: 1917 Dr. William Fitcz Gerald A. medical doctor’s Zone therapy

1938 Eunice Ingham – Healing foot massage

What is reflexology?

A science based entirely on experience.

Throughout the body, there are reflex zones. These are nerve points that are connected to a remote body part.

Primarily, the treatment enhances blood circulation, which helps the body get rid of waste materials quicker. Its pain relief effect is due to the increased production of endorphins in the pituitary gland. Reflexology is completely safe and has no negative side-effects.

During reflexology treatment, mostly the sole of the foot is massaged, because here, the reflex zones and points are more distinct, easier to feel out, and also more sensitive, but if, for any reason, the feet are unavailable, the hands are always at hand!

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