Someone once said to me after I massaged them, okay, sign up for a massage course, learn the techniques, do the exam, and then forget all that and keep doing what you do.

Nyitrai Sándor, Sanya - LionHandMy name is Nyitrai Sándor, I like to be called Sanya. I’ve been a practicing Buddhist for about 10 years, a traveller, sometimes a lonesome one, on the path of self-knowledge.
Sometimes as just someone trying to find his way, spending some time on this stop or that one, blending in with this noisy world of ours, and sometimes as an outsider, watching quietly.

I’ve also been working with massage for about 10 years.Nyitrai Sándor, Sanya - LionHand

Before that, I became acquainted with Reiki, this ancient Japanese healing technique that deals with special energies, but I never really used it, because I thought that getting the qualifications for higher levels is important. Now I know that the course itself is just one thing, you also need some faith, a load of positivity and empathy, and then you can convey and give energy. It works.

A couple of years ago I dived into the strange world of Tantra, I learned and taught, I gave and got, and I came to know a lot of things. Or did I just recognize them?

I’ve always been interested in various essential oils, which is why I completed a course on aroma oil massage.

Knowledge is important! It’s important to know what things are for, and what they’re not for.
After absorbing all that knowledge, you can give way to intuition and let your hands do the work, that’s what matters.